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  • Logitrans Munich Exhibition ...
  • 10th-13th May 2011 SARAS Logistica Halle A5, 142
  • Driver of the month…
  • Mr. Belgin Deniz has been awarded as driver of the month.
  • 1000 vehicles for 2012..
  • We have almostly completed our goals..
  • 24 new vehicles..
  • 24 new vehicles were delivered on January 2011 by Mercedes.
  • 260 new trailers..
  • TIRSAN has started to delivery the new trailers, regarding to our agreement , which was signed with TIRSAN for the year of 2011, since January..
  • %140 more…
  • We have increased our annual sales approx. %140 on the year of 2010.
  • 16 CEMT for ITALY..
  • With our 16 ITALY CEMT , we will be serving for you every single day of the year.
  • 10th-13th May 2011 TRANSPORT LOGISTIC, MUNICH..
  • We will be in Munich for 2011 Transport Logistic..
  • Ongoing Trainings..
  • We continue to provide training activity for our employees to improve their business skills.
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